See No Glare


Banzee and Bubzee are our friendly mascots. Thanks to BANZ® See No Glare sunglasses, Banzee now has her hands free. She can shield lil’ Bubzee from the sun’s harmful rays wherever they go.


Hear No Blare

ear muffs

Banzee is often seen cupping her hands around lil’ Bubzee’s ears to keep away the deafening noise of roaring lions and trumpeting elephants. Not anymore. Bubzee now wears BANZ® Hear No Blare ear muffs.


Feel no Flare

sun hats

Banzee loves carrying lil’ Bubzee on her back around the jungle. But she can’t always protect its tender head from the sun’s intense heat. Now she does with BANZ® Feel no Flare sun hats.


Meet Banzee and Bubzee, our friendly mascots

Like every loving Mom, Banzee dotes on lil’ Bubzee. She has been using her bare hands and body to shield Bubzee from the forest’s blazing sun, intense noise and burning heat. Until she found BANZ®.

As Bubzee kept growing, BANZ® sunglasses, ear muffs and sun hats have expanded to provide the same loving care and lasting protection! “Isn’t that smart?”, says Banzee. “Yep, also very comfy”, chimes in Bubzee.

Bubzee is often scared by lightning, rain and thunder on stormy nights. But loves them because it’s fun to wear all BANZ® gear at once. When Banzee screams: "No sunglasses at night! No sun hats in the rain!”, Bubzee just giggles mischievously.

It was Banzee who taught Bubzee to “See no evil”, “Hear no evil” and “Speak no evil”. Now, BANZ® has shown Bubzee to “See no glare” , “Hear no blare” and “Feel no Flare” .

Meet Bevan and Chris, the men behind BANZ®

For Bevan Beames, it all started one summer afternoon in January 2001 on the ride back from hospital with his new born and a young mum trying to ward off the blazing Australian sun.

As a veteran sunnies buff since his teens, Bevan began the quest for a cute pair of sunglasses for Junior but met with frustration. Some barely fit while their pointed ends made them unsafe. Others were downright dangerous with filters that dilated the pupils, allowing more, not less, radiation.

Bevan set to work, designed his own version and produced a prototype. With Banks refusing a lifeline, and less than a 50-50 chance of succeeding, he decided to call a friend, his Navy mate, Chris Albonico. Baby Banz was born.

Today, BANZ® sunglasses, ear muffs and sun hats guard infants, toddlers and kids from the environment in Australia, New Zealand, North America, UK & Europe, Africa and Asia.

See No Glare


Light and durable, bright and colourful, fitted yet flexible, BANZ Original See No Glare sunglasses provide all the loving protection that your babies need against UV A and UV B radiation in the harshest of environments.


Hear No Blare

ear muffs

Comfortable foam pads, sturdy cups, foldability and stringent specs is makes BANZ Hear No Blare ear muffs right to keep your loved ones safe from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). What’s more, they are colourful, attractive and long lasting.


Feel No Flare

sun hats

BANZ Feel No Flare sun hats made out of superior 50+ UPF rated fabric in a range of floral and funky designs appeal to both baby boys and girls. A Velcro fastened, broad rim construction ensures all-round canopy against heat and radiation.


BANZ® in the Media

Every BANZ® sunglasses, ear muffs and sunhat makes a perfect headline on your child. Sometimes, they make media headlines too!

Boomer Phelps - Son of Michael Phelps 2016 Rio Olympics

Mariah Carey on tour in New Zealand

Adele on stage with some of her fans

DJ Khaled on stage at BET awards with his son Asahd

HRH Prince George at the Royal International Air Tattoo

Kelly Clarkson on stage with daughter River Rose

British/Irish Lions captain Brian O’Driscoll with daughter Sadie

Jay Z with Blue Ivy

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